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        YOGA It is a mental and physical exercise with a 5 thousands years history of indian philosophy. There are different styles of yoga which combine physical postures, meditation and relaxation techniques. WHAT IS YOGA? A system of relaxation and breath control exercises which helps your body to improves it’s mental and physical …


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WHAT IS GYM? A Gymnasium also means Gym. It’s a covered location for athletics where they workout. They are commonly known as Fitness centers. Their main purpose is to make your body flexible. If you are a beginner Don’t Force your body to do excessive, Do workout with your capacity. However, In starting you may …


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4 types of exercises in ketosis: 1. AEROBIC EXERCISE This is also known as cardio exercises, it improves cardiovascular condition. However, its mainly focuses on burning fat moreover their main goal is weight loss. It also helps to lower blood pressure. 2. ANAEROBIC EXERCISE Anaerobic exercises is characterized by a type of exercises that breaks …


Protein shakes on keto
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     PROTEIN SHAKES ON KETO DIET Protein shakes is the most important component in the keto diet. In this diet you should intake high Protein foods. Protein Powder may be include many chemical additives which you might not think to intake. It’s a great opportunity for those people who does not consume non-vegeterian foods, …


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WHAT ARE PROTEIN POWDERS? Protein powder came from a variety of sources. protein powders are the powder form of protein that came from plants, eggs and milk. The Powder may include Plants like soyabeans, peas, rice, potatoes and hemp. They also include ingredients like added sugar, artificial flavor, thickeners, vitamins and minerals. The Common Protein …


how Keto works
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                       HOW KETO WORKS? Keto works in a weight-loss it have plant-based supplements. Thermogenic ingredients are fat burners. This formula helps to boost your metabolism so that you can burn your fat and calories. Thermogenic means tending to produce heat, and the term commonly applied …


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        WHAT IS KETO DIET? Keto is a high-fat diet and low-carb diet that makes your body in the state of ketosis, which uses stored fat as energy. In 1917, Peter Huttenlocher implemented a ketogenic diet where about 60.59%(approx) of the calories came from the Medium chain triglycerides(MCT) oil. This let more …